South America meets Simmer on the Bay

This week at Simmer on the Bay, we have been working on a Peruvian menu for a South American client, who wanted some of his traditional dishes served up at his special event.

We often work with South East Asian menus and there are definite similarities in style, amongst other things both use coriander and sweet potato and love to mix lots of spices in their dishes. The Peruvian menu also includes an abundance of corn and for the uninitiated it’s hard to imagine how many types of corn are available here – there are a range of colours from blue to black to red and sizes, some so large you couldn’t eat an entire cob alone!

Brigid has just returned rested and inspired from a few weeks in Lima where three out of the world’s top restaurants reside and not wanting to miss a single culinary opportunity, dined at Astrid and Gaston while there.

alta La Barra 3

In Lima and on the coast, seafood is abundant and celebrated. It’s no accident that the national dish is ceviche (raw fish, lime juice, chilli, onion, and coriander) showcases fish at its freshest.

‘The South Americans are extremely passionate about their food and very seafood oriented.’ Brigid says.

Astrid and Gaston serve exceptional food inspired by traditional dishes, even the design of the restaurant reflects this. Surrounded by a courtyard with walls covered in traditional small tile mosaic, it’s a beautiful experience simply sitting and soaking up the atmosphere.

Astrid and Gaston

The Astrid and Gaston menu includes;

Pollada La Barra – chicken marinated in panca, native potatoes with rocoto cream and huacatay, corn, carrot salad, radishes and parsley.

Pesca Del Dia – Whole fish, garlic beurre blanc, sautéed green beans with chestnuts.

And of course a few more exotic items such as Confit of Guinea Pig – fried cassava, rocot hoy sin, tomatoes radish, criolia sauce, avocado and coriander.

Peruvian Simmer style was also very well received, the feedback was that we had captured the complex flavors absolutely; we ‘nailed it!’ The menu included:

Avocado and roast corn salsa in the husk, pork belly sweet potato with criolla salsa and barramundi fillet with a macadamia and mustard crust and a carrot tarragon jus.

At Simmer we are always happy to create a menu that works in with your event theme, culture or preference. There’s nothing we can’t do and it’s all about exactly what you want!


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