From the Paddock to the Bay

Director of Simmer on the Bay, Brigid Kennedy, has always followed the ‘Paddock to Plate’ philosophy and is constantly working to further educate people about food.

Therefore it’s not surprising that quality produce is top priority at Simmer on the Bay and if you want the best it is essential to know where your food is sourced. Not only does this mean you form a connection with the land and farmers but it allows you to make informed decisions about what you’re putting in your body.

As a farmer, Brigid is well aware of the importance of sustainability and the important job that local food producers do. Simmer produce is sourced from a number of different growers including from her own Southern Highlands property The Loch – Most significantly it is all grown within a 200 km radius, minimising the environmental impact that importing food has and supporting small boutique businesses that often specialise in one specific item such as mushrooms.

Sourcing locally means you can closely control produce – if you visit the producer and visit their farm then it becomes obvious if they are sustainable, organic etc.

A great advocate of local producers Brigid is currently working on a series of food and wine clusters within the Southern Highlands – the first of these in Joadja will be launched during Good Food Month. Details will be in the program released next month

Bringing the farm to the city is what paddock to plate is all about.

the loch produce


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