It’s been a Jolly July at Simmer!

This month clients have been jumping on the Christmas in July bandwagon. At Simmer on the Bay we have noticed the growing trend for corporates to host an event around this time of year – perhaps combining a launch, training or end of financial year celebration with Christmas in July.

Often the unofficial holiday is celebrated ironically with bad Christmas sweaters, Christmas ballads from the eighties and eggnog, however some truly embrace the beauty of Christmas and use decorative antlers, branches and fairy lights to create an elegant yet cosy Christmas.

Whichever approach is taken at Simmer on the Bay the menu is always sophisticated.

To start:

  • Mini kipfler jacket potatoes filled with prawn & quail egg remoulade,
  • Rare beef with beetroot marmalade on a crunchy potato cake
  • Or cherry tomato & bocconcini tartlets.


  • Turkey rolled with traditional stuffing topped with cranberry relish and sweet potato crisps
  • Roast beef fillet with pumpkin and pinenut crust, horseradish sage Yorkshire puddings and pumpkin gratin.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas (even in July) if there wasn’t an impressive desert to finish things off and we don’t disappoint with our sophisticated interpretation of traditional Christmas treats.

  • Eggnog crème brulee, gold leaf and redcurrants
  • Apple fritters with baked sauterne custard and Calvados syrup.

Although the setting may be somewhat unorthodox for a traditional ‘white Christmas’ the view of Sydney harbor from Simmer on the Bay, is nothing short of impressive, especially when framed with shimmering fairy lights that reflect off the water.

Why not embrace the celebration next year – just remember to do it in style!



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